Relay (Sunday)


The relay events in 2018 is great way for a team of friends or family, to take part in the ITU World Triathlon Leeds weekend.

Teams of two or three can compete over the sprint or standard distance triathlon course, with each member taking on a different segment of the course (If competing as a team of two, one member must complete consecutive disciplines i.e. Swim and Bike or Bike and Run). 

The relay races are great if you’re a first timer or new to the sport, regardless of whether you enter the Sprint or Standard distance, the relay event allows different members of the team to take on their strongest discipline, and you can be assured that there will be plenty of other triathletes of a similar ability to you taking part. Additionally, you still get to finish across the same iconic blue carpet as the Elites in Millennium Square!

Why we LOVE the RELAY

What is the Accenture Mixed Team Challenge?

The Accenture Mixed Team Challenge is open to all ages and abilities, inspiring people to get out of the office and into their kit. Participants must take part as a mixed gender team in one of two categories, forming either a Relay team. Mixed gender relay teams will automatically be entered into the Accenture Mixed Team challenge. You could win some fantastic which includes a £100 Voucher for each member the winning Mixed Relay Team and winning Mixed Tribe, plus entry to a prize draw to win a state of the art racing bike!

Date, Time & Location:

Sunday 10th June, Roundhay Park - Leeds City Centre


Interested in racing as in individual? See the Standard and Sprint page for more information. 

Entry fee:

Who can take part?

You must be 15 or over to take part (on the 31st Dec 2018) to take part in the Sprint Distance Relay.
You must be 17 or over to take part (on the 31st Dec 2018) to take part in the Standard Distance Relay.

It is compulsory to wear a wetsuit, and you will need a road worthy bike though this doesn’t need to be a fancy one! You can get advice on hiring both a wetsuit and a bike from the event organisers if you need to.