Exclusive AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds Merchandise

Scout the course, of get that last bit of open water practice ahead of Sunday's races! Swim familiarisation offers competitors a chance to get comfortable within Roundhay Park's Waterloo Lake, and will take place on Saturday 8 June 2019. Exact timings are still to be confirmed and will be communicated to participants closer to the event. Please note, this is not a timed swim.

Cost: £10

Get your hands on the official merchandise of the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds 2019 and get your lasting momento of the day. Please note that the design may be subject to change and all sizes are adult sizes. Log into your Active Network account to purchase or buy when you’re entering the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds.

  • £40 - Hoodie
  • £25 - T-Shirt


Have you already entered the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds on 8/9th June?  Or are you still planning to enter? Either way, iTAB is an innovative way to celebrate your achievement on race day – by personalizing your World Triathlon race medal.

The iTAB team will mail the special personalized plate to you after the race – so you can fix it to your medal and share your personalised World Triathlon memento with pride.

Cost: £8

All Sunday participants must register and check their bike in on Saturday. We have a limited number of places available for purchase for those who cannot attend on both days and need to register and rack on Sunday.

Cost: £10

Watch the world’s best from our custom built grandstand in Millennium Square. Grandstand tickets for the elite races only are provided by Leeds City Centre Box Office and your details will be shared with them to facilitate your e-ticket. Your e-ticket will be sent at least two weeks prior to the event.

Need a wetsuit for the AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds? Cover your swim with 2XU

2XU Wetsuit Hire – The Ultimate Try before you Buy. 2XU are offering monthly & seasonal hire on both their Propel P:1 & Swim Run SR:1 suits for 2019. Their world leading suits offer less drag, improved body position and the most buoyant and flexible neoprene. Plus, if you decide to purchase the wetsuit after the sale period, the hire cost will be deducted from your purchase

Add your Wetsuit Hire here

Our bike hire supplier, British Bike Hire have three types of bikes for hire available:

  • Entry level Bike (Hybrid) - £50
  • Mid-level Bike (Alloy) - £60
  • High-level Bike (Carbon) - £80

What's Included:

1) Receive a FULL REFUND of the race purchase price and processing fee should you be unable to attend your event due to a specified reason, such as:

  • Injury or illness
  • Vehicle breakdown or theft
  • Work relocation
  • And more

2) Crash Damage and Theft, for your bike during our event.

Cost: £3-£10.

(Active Network Booking fee aplies to all purchases.)