Meet the Team - Tom

25 January, 2019

We think it’s important to get to know the team who will be supporting your volunteer journey, so each month we will be introducing you to a key member of our workforce. First up is Tom, the Volunteer Manager. Tom has been working on major events since 2011 and joins the team after recently managing volunteer programmes for athletics and cycling.

Why do you think that volunteering is important?

Volunteers capture and enhance the spirit of anything that they are involved in and truly create a memorable event experience for everyone, be it spectators, participants or staff. Volunteering offers a different insight into an event than any other experience and taking this opportunity is one I would highly recommend.

If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

It only takes an extra 1% to take something from being good to being excellent. Volunteering offers this opportunity – to help create a lasting memory for all those involved. Give your all to your role and you will be a part of a wonderful event.